We make buildings
Truly Connected to
the future of work

The complete building operating system designed to connect people to the things and space around them.  

Truly future-proof your buildings and drive net operating income for your CRE portfolio.

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20+ properties, 7 global cities,
10+ million square foot covered.

drive change with property digitisation.

At Seer, we build incredible solutions to power modern buildings. We focus on providing scalable tools to help operate properties while improving people’s experiences across the board.

Redefining critical capabilities of future buildings.

Integrate a common platform for each building and scale solution modules to meet the needs of any property. Seer is highly customizable, yet offers a synergetic approach to building digitisation. Once building owners choose Seer, we become the core touchpoint for each tenant and visitor at any property.


Foundational Technologies for Smarter Facilities.

SeerOS breaks rigidity and lets things meet and co-exist. Our technology stack helps you transform building systems into compatible, upgradable, and scalable blocks. Seer fuels a digital twin layer with information modeling, edge processing, and semantic data.

Seer is enabling the generational leap in sustainable and enjoyable properties.


streamlined and unified management

Seer brings data closer to the point of decision. Making operation and management teams more efficient with their strategies. Our solution eliminate the evolving technicalities of digital and let operators focus on what matters most, creating impact. 

Single point for truth for all operators

Align data for on-site and remote teams

Predictive and preventive maintenance

Automate work orders, inspections and more


Seamless, highly tenant-oriented experiences

Seer offers a workplace experience platform that connects people to the buildings they work, live, and play in. Seer enables new smart building services that people can experience. Driving new opportunities for growth and expansion.

Connect people and create building communities

Tenants become part of the equation for properties

Drive engagements and improve people experiences

Make access, control, insight available to the right people


connect any devices in modern properties

Our hardware products enable building-wide connectivity and forms the device communication backbone of your buildings; without requiring added infrastructure. Built to work with any building, infinitely scalable and retrofit ready.


Turn your buildings into a virtual ready digital asset.

Seer enables properties to go virtual and bridge the gap between on-premise and remote work.

Connect with people who is working remotely

Make facility management possible remotely

Attract and facilitate tenant’s return to office

Uncover new people driven values and revenue streams

Transform your
properties, Today

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